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Loving My Flaws

This year, I vow to love myself for all that I am and for all that I am not. We pay a lot of a lip service to embracing our flaws. “I love you warts and all,” is a consistent mantra. But somehow, societal pressures make us think that we’re not good enough to exist in the world. We all know that models’ pictures and gorgeous peoples’ Instagram photos don’t represent the average person. Still, those pictures make so many of us feel bad about ourselves. Why can’t we lose weight? Why can’t we properly apply makeup? Why can’t we look super cute in an adorable outfit?  It’s not just about looks anymore. Pinterest makes everything look easy. Spectacularly  organized homes and sparkling clean countertops have turned into emotional triggers. What’s actually in the, “important paper pile” gathering dust on my countertop?  Why haven’t I thrown out the bananas with the fruit flies congregating around them? Oh yeah, because I intended to use said bananas for my Pinterest-worthy banana bread that