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Teach Your Child Life Skills

Waiting to hear from colleges or employers can be anxiety producing. Waiting for answers during a global pandemic can be petrifying. As you and your child are wondering what’s next, there’s a lot you can do to ease the transition by teaching your child life skills. Teach your child to do laundry. Most colleges provide “free” machines which you pay for with tuition, so your child probably won’t need quarters. He will need to know how to run the machines and how to use detergent. If necessary, teach your child to sort colors. Teach your child how often to wash clothing, towels, and sheets. Believe me, many kids don’t know they’re supposed to wash their sheets and towels. Teach your child not to forget to move clothes from the washer to the dryer. Since I often forget to move the laundry over, I’m not setting a great example. However, I taught my child to set a timer on his phone reminding him to move his laundry. Teach your child about the magic of while vinegar for the times he forg