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The Yenta Factor

It appears that all documents requiring personal information such as address, phone number, and email also inquire about the applicant’s marital status. Why on earth is that information relevant? And the questions do not merely seek to know whether or not the applicant is married. It is deemed essential to determine how the relationship disintegrated. I call this the Yenta Factor. Merriam-Webster defines a yenta as “one that meddles.” While modern day HIPAA laws prevent gossipmongers from blabbing, non-medical forms don’t guarantee such protection. As a rule, the applicant is required to choose from a multiple choice list: 1.  Single 2.  Married 3.  Widowed 4.  Separated 5.  Divorced 6.  Cohabiting with a significant other 6a. Is your partner the same or opposite sex? Except where the form is completed for a therapy evaluation or taxes, one's relationship status is irrelevant to the services or products sought. Furthermore, how is sexual orientation relevant?