Defying Protocol

There are very few things about me which can be defined as “ordinary.” I do not conform to societal, medical or parenting standards dictating how things should look. In fact, I believe there are several ways to accomplish any task and I rarely choose the route followed by the masses. Although I have always been spirited and full of energy, the need to seek creative solutions to daily, mundane issues arose when I got my first autoimmune illness at the age of 22. My need to cope with and get treatment for a chronic illness resulted in a lifetime of finding alternative ways to complete tasks at home, school or work. While there are societal norms and protocols for most everything, I rarely follow the unwritten rules. Instead, I defy protocol in order to create a life for myself and my three beautiful children. How to schedule around doctor's appointments, medical infusions, and operations is just not provided in society's protocol handbook. I refuse to accept there is no place for those of us who are limited in strength, mobility, or energy. On the contrary, I have worked hard to create comfortable spaces in our community for people just like me.


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