Baby and Sunshine

Baby and Sunshine is a personalized subscription box for MOM and baby. So often, moms are forgotten about as everyone coddles the new baby. Baby and Sunshine  pampers the new mom just as much as they pamper the new baby. Even better, Baby and Sunshine is a small mom and pop business, so you’re buying local. The subscription box has many options for contents as well as delivery. It’s available monthly, every two, three, or four months depending on your needs. Simply complete a questionnaire and the contents are personally handpicked to fit your needs! Baby and Sunshine offer regular and super-sized boxes.

I love these personally curated boxes. I enjoy feeling like a special person and that it’s not all about my adorable baby. So often we moms feel like every second is consumed with caring for the baby, ensuring our homes are clean and all family members are cared for. There seems to be no time left for me. I never shop for myself. Heck, I can barely shower alone. 

Baby and Sunshine thrives on making things personal and convenient for you and it just feels special. They enjoy making expecting mothers, new mothers and seasoned mothers’ lives easier. They also promote spending as much time with baby as much as possible and their mission is to make fulfilling that goal easier. 

Since Baby and Sunshine is owned by a mom and dad, they know how difficult parenting can be. The company understands the importance of free time. You can sit back and relax while someone else does the shopping! The coolest thing about Baby and Sunshine is they personalize each box for where you are in your journey. For example, if the client subscribed to a Mom and Baby box, and Mom is pregnant and also has a 12-month old, they personalize the box to include maternity items for mom such as a belly support band, maternity pants, etc. and for baby, they include 12-month onesies, sleep bag, baby sneakers, and other adorable items. 

Baby and Sunshine is extremely particular about the quality of fabrics their baby clothes are made of. The company carries breathable fabrics such as Organic Cotton, Cashmere, Bamboo, Merino Wool, and other such natural fabrics. These fabrics are hypoallergenic and good for sensitive skin. For moms, they don’t just carry regular maternity items. The owners search for manufacturers who make stylish and elegant designs so that moms can feel beautiful in their garments and be comfortable too.

My Mom and Baby Super Box was personalized to my and my child’s sizes. I received a Pink Oversized Wool Shawl which I absolutely love and live in. I wear it on cool autumn nights and sometimes I even wear it to bed. I feel appreciated and cared for when I wear their cozy shawl. Most importantly, the shawl has pockets. 

It’s easy to make special requests. I put bath bombs and an ergonomic baby carrier on my wish list and Baby and Sunshine delivered! I received three wonderful smelling shea & cocoa butter bath bombs which I cannot wait to use. 

I received my favorite wish list item: an Aiebao Ergonomic Baby Carrier. This carrier is absolutely EVERYTHING! It comfortably holds the baby in the front pack. It also has a large zipper compartment and pockets for bottles, extra diapers & clothing, and snacks. It’s as sturdy backpack and baby carrier in one! I love it and don’t bring a diaper bag when I’m using the Baby and Sunshine carrier because the carrier holds all of my essentials.

It’s easy to get started: Choose your box size and frequency of deliveries (or a one-time purchase)After checking out, click on the survey link on the confirmation screen to let Baby and Sunshine know what items you'd like to receive. They will curate a wonderful box based on your survey answersYou’ll receive your first box in 1-2 weeks after you complete the survey.

Before each box is sent, you'll receive an email reminder with the survey link again. If you'd like, you can change your survey responses for each new box, or simply let us prepare a wonderful surprise box for you! If you've indicated your purchase is a "gift" box, you can let us know what you’d like written on the card. 

The SUPER BOX comes with 8-11 premium items such as:

3-layers bamboo sleep sack

Baby carrier

Cashmere blend sweaters and outfits

Handmade items

Breastfeeding friendly clothing

and much much more...

THE STANDARD BOX comes with 4-6 items such as:

Organic cotton onesies

Bamboo onesies

Nursing bras

Toys and accessories

and so much more...

THE MINI BOX comes with 2-3 items such as:

Animal ears hooded bamboo towels

100% bamboo newborn swaddles

Organic cotton onesies

Soothing bath bombs

and much more...

Enjoy more precious moments and let us lighten your load with a subscription!

Receiving a wonderfully curated box delivered to my door every month feels like receiving a birthday gift. 

My box included a pair of the most comfortable and adorable grey leggings. I wear them everywhere! I also received a latex waist trainer to make workouts easier. The high waist body shaper made me look flattering in a bridesmaid’s dress. This subscription box feels endless. 

Inside a small gold colored box was a bunch of gifts for my baby. A sleeper plus a onesie were soft and cozy. An adorable grey outfit with orange sneakers really brightened my child’s wardrobe. 

Baby and Sunshine are committed to bringing innovative, modern and relevant products to all families. “We are constantly challenging ourselves to improve, simplify processes, and essentially enhance your experience!”

Baby and Sunshine is a mom and pop shop which supports other mom and pop shops. I love that and will continue to purchase their wonderful subscription boxes. Give them a try. You’ll love them.


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